To ensure a solid foundation for developing ocean observing systems, this project has been funded by the NOAA Coastal Services Center (Regional Integrated Ocean Observing System) to enable implementation of QA/QC standards into the evolving OpenGeospatial Consortium (OGC) – Sensor Web Enablement frameworks. For four focus areas (wave, in situ currents, CTD and dissolved oxygen), the project enables the development of specifications, generation data dictionaries and the definition of relevant SensorML profiles. The products are to provide tutorials and tools for implementation and the project supports implementation on existing local data nodes, through OOSTethys SOS services. The project deliverables will be publicized by cooperation with existing community-building programs, such as MMI, CICOR, ACT and QARTOD.

Welcome to the Q2O Homepage

Funding for the demonstration of integration of data quality into OGC SWE was funded
through the NOAA award: NA17RJ1223 from 2007-2011.

(WHAT's HERE -- a best practices example(s) of SensorML descriptions of Original Equipment Manufacturers' metadata (model characteristics, capabilities, mfgr contact, etc) ... and set-up/deployment SensorML files ... and data center process-lineage. Also examples of using registered vocabularies to describe terms (input, output, processes, parameters, qc flags, etc).
The MVCO ADCP Waves instance (SensorML and registered vocabularies) fully describe the process of computing wave parameters from sensed properties.

A SWE 2.0 version of the system has been completed (March 2016) with support from NSF EarthCube through the Integrative Activity called X-DOMES (Cross-Domain Metadata in EnviroSensing):

Please send all comments to (subject line: Q2O Reviews)

All 'deliverables' are available for your review. Demonstrated are the Q2O vocabularies, which are registered with the MMI "Registry" and have enabled us to use URLs in our demonstration SWE instances. Also available is SensorML encodings describing the QARTOD QC tests.

Janet Fredericks
20 March, 2012