About Us

Janet Fredericks


The principal investigators are

    Janet Fredericks, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI);
    Julie Bosch, NOAA National Coastal Data Development Center;
    Michael Botts, author of SensorML, along with his OGC development team from the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH);
    Tony Cook (UAH) - part of the OOSTethys development team
    Philip Bogden, (NSF) formerly from the Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS)/OOSTethys/OGC Oceans IE;
    Eric Bridger, GMRI/NERACOOS, part of the OpenIOOS/OOSTethys development team,and
    Sara Haines/Harvey Seim, University of North Carolina/ Chapel Hill

The authors are members of communities working towards the common goals of sensor and metadata interoperability including:

• OGC Sensor Web Enablement initiative (Botts);
• OGC Ocean Interoperability Experiment (Bogden);
• OCEANS.US IOOS DMAC Steering Committee (Bogden, Bosch) and DMAC Metadata and Data Discovery Expert Team (Bosch);
• Marine Metadata Interoperability project Technical Committee (Bosch, Fredericks) and Executive Committee (Bogden);
• Alliance for Coastal Technologies (Bogden)
• OOSTethys/OpenIOOS (Bogden, Bridger, Cook)

Three participants (Bosch, Fredericks and Haines) have participated in QARTOD workshops and Fredericks and Bosch have served on the steering committee. Haines has led two QA/QC workshops for SECOORA participants.

Other key partners include Vembu Subramanian, USF/COMPS, and Grace Cartwright, VIMS.