UNC Sonde CTD/DO V 1.0

For CTD/DO we have created **DRAFT** OEM and setup/deployment SensorML files and point to the description of the CTD/DO processing chain (in Excel). The SOS, though it doesn't demonstrate the complete implementation of the QARTOD recommended tests and the QC Chain, it does demonstrate the use of SensorML files to describe the sensor and NetCDF data being parsed by the SOS service, with QC flags.
NOTE __ This work is still in progress.

1. SOS implementation

No services available, yet.

2. SensorML OEM and Setup/Deployment SensorML files

There are two main SensorML documents that describe a YSI_6Series_6600 (Sonde), one of the components of the Morgan Bay mooring, operated by the University of North Carolina (UNC). They are:

DRAFT** YSI_6Series_6600V2.xml - A general SensorML description of the RDI instrument: the 1200 Workhorse. This is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) file and fully describes the model attributes, capabilities, parameters and characteristics. (DRAFT PrettyView)

DRAFT** NCCOOS_System.xml - SensorML description entailing specific details about the UNC setup and deployment of a YSI_6Series_6600V2 with CTD/DO sensors. (DRAFT PrettyView)


Based on the November, 2009, QARTOD V recommended tests, Q2O generated a QC chain for CTD/S and DO. The Excel file demonstrates that the QC Chain is comprised of tests that are encoded for the MVCO ADCP (See MVCO ADCP page.)


  • Continue to add dictionary URIs for terms as they become available
  • Update user guides to include CTD/DO model
  • Add data SOS (ingesting NetCDF with QC_Flags)
  • Document QC Chain
  • Generate historyEventList