Below are papers and presentations that have resulted from the Q2O project.

  1. Fredericks, Janet, Julie Bosch, Mike Botts, Eric Bridger, Tony Cook, Sarah Haines, "EGU2011-9528
    Using OpenGeospatial Consortium Sensor Web Enablement Frameworks to Assess Quality Controlled Data", ESSI11-Real Use of Standards and Technologies, European Geophysical Union, Demonstration, April 2011.

  2. Fredericks, Janet, Julie Bosch, Tony Cook, Darryl Symonds, Gene Terray, George Voulgaris, “Enabling Quality Assessment through Web Services”, IEEE Xplore CWTM/MTS 2011, 6pp (in progress).
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  5. Fredericks, Janet, "Introduction of the Q2O Project - What We Have Done with QARTOD Tests and What We Need from QARTOD", QARTOD V, Atlanta, November, 2009
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