April 2010 CTD/DO Domain Experts Meeting - Presentations

Below are some of the presentations from the workshop:

Introduction by Mark Luther and ACT Brief

Review of Q2O Efforts by Janet Fredericks

Update on OGC Sensor Web Enablement by Mike Botts

Use Case Discussions by Julie Bosch

Report on IODE Workshop on Quality Control of Chemical Oceanographic Data Collections presented by Cynthia Chandler

A description of the COMPS21 in situ currents NEMO Processing with QC flags integrated into OOSTethys Cookbook by Vembu Subramanian (USF/COMPS)

Structure, Content, and Registration of Q2O Vocabulary using MMI ORR by Sara Haines

Progress Report on NetCDF/OPeNDAP to OGC SOS by Sara Haines

Presentation of the MMI OntDev work by Nan Galbraith

Presentation for discussion on metadata by Julie Bosch