OOSWI - Q2O Break out


The main goals of the breakout group

1) Review and comment on qa/qc related (q2o) vocabularies and discuss the process of developing, implementing and registering said vocabularies. Practice mapping qc flags between different flagging systems.

2) Review and comment on MVCO waves sensorML instance showing use of MVCO specific vocabularies, demonstrate coding of steps done by MVCO for waves processing, QC flagging and provenance.

3) Introduce participants to OOSTethys and UAH demonstration of MVCO (and other) OGC SOS methods: getCapabilities, describeSensor and getObservation which use sensorML instances.
Preparation and logistics

The Q2O project depends on the development of both general and specific terms that can be used to build meaningful vocabularies for each implementation. Q2O participants (Sara Haines) worked with MMI support to build and register core QARTOD vocabularies for general terms, as well as tests and references.

At the workshop, Sara and Julie Bosch presented their work and demonstrated how they were registered using voc2owl. Using two qc flagging systems, we demonstrated mappings and very quickly learned that it is very important to have the participation of domain experts and suggest that the mapping(s) be reviewed by the term author(s).
Vocabulary Creation

Number of vocabularies registered 4
Number of versions submitted 2
Total number of terms in final versions ?

Term Mappings
Number of mappings created 1
Estimated number of mappings needed for your application ?


The workshop was a culmination of years of preparation. With the implementation of "The Registry" and the development of our demonstration sensorML instance, we could see clearly what needs to be done and how it will be used. We have a few data providers who have signed up to do a similar demonstration and have all indicated that this workshop has clearly shown what needs to be done and how to accomplish the work.