MVCO ADCP SOS, version 1.0

These documents are draft implementations. The services for real-time wave data from MVCO are currently hosted through an SOS at UAH. 

BELOW ARE THE OGS SOS Method Responses:

GetCapabilities - Returns service metadata and information about the Offerings provided. 

Link to GetCapabilities

GetObservation - returns the observation data.  Currently, 6 offerings are provided:

  • ADCP_DATA - All Wave data parameter, including QC flags
  • ADCP_DATA_QC- Only wave data which has passed the timeContinuity test
  • PRESSURE_ALL- All wave data derived from pressure measurement, including QC flags
  • PRESSURE_QC - Pressure-derived parameters that have passed percentGood test and Qartod tests
  • VELOCITY_ALL - All wave data derived from the ADCP 2HZ velocity measurements
  • VELOCITY_QC - Velocity-derived paramters that have passed beamIntensity Test, Correlation Coeff test,  Qartod Velocity tests

DescribeSensor - return info about the sensor, provenance, and qc processes  Here is a sample request for the ProcessChain that generates the ADCP_DATA offering:


Attached is a diagram of the MVCO implementation.

More SensorML instance documents that are referenced from the ADCP_Chain are attached below:

Last Updated: 22 December 2008 jjf