Kick-off Meeting

02/26/2008 - 08:00
02/28/2008 - 12:00

Tuesday AM: Tutorial on OGC Sensor Web Enablement
Tuesday PM: OOSTethys Introduction and Update
OGC Ocean Sciences Interoperability Experiment Introduction and Update
National Coastal Data Development Center - current efforts
SEACOOS (UNH) - OpeNDAP QA/QC Implementation
Wednesday AM: Presentation of QARTOD Focus Areas
Wednesday PM: Discuss focus areas and what can be implemented and determine where gaps exist
Thursday AM: Determine common parameters to enable the project to get started (general QA/QC tests or requirements that apply to all focus areas)

List of Speakers:
Mike Botts, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Gerry Kreager, Texas Mesonet -- AATLT, Texas A&M University
Luis Bermudez, SURA
John Graybeal, MMI, MBARI
Eric Roby and David Sallis - NOAA NCDDC sensor web work
Sara Haines, SECOORA/UNC
Richard Bouchard, NOAA/NDBC, and Julie Thomas, UCSD/CDIP: QARTOD Waves
Bill Burnett, NOAA/NDBC: QARTOD In Situ Currents
Brenda Babin: QARTOD Dissolved Oxygen